Dr. Bak Nguyen


Dr. Bak NGUYEN has been characterized as an industry disruptor by the conferencists that have invited him as a guest speaker over time, and as a “force of nature” by Hema Québec’s former president Dr. Jean De SERRES. Dr. Bak has acquired this reputation from his innovative ideas and endeavours in the world of entrepreneurship, topic on which he has already written 7 books.

Dr. Nguyen leads his team and partner with the aim of CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.


Make it happen!

Dr. Bak Nguyen

Dentist by circumstances, communicator by passion and entrepreneur by nature.


With nearly 20 years in the dental field, Dr. Bak was about to go back to his true passions, finance and communication. But he saw the need for improvement in the delivering of dental cares where everything happens inside of an operation room. In a quest to facilitate the wellbeing and the empowerment of professionals, Dr. Bak Nguyen has written 7 books covering entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy, medicine and politics.

An entrepreneur at his core and a care giver by legacy, he is currently working on the book PROFESSION HEALTH, co-written with other big names in the health industry, through which he seeks to demystify taboos related to the psychological and emotional well-being of health professionals. The goal is to ease and empower the fulfillment and search of happiness within the profession for both professionals and patients.

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The day you fight to raise the average instead of beating it, that day, you’ve joined the leadership.
— Dr. Bak Nguyen


Nominee for the EY Entrepreneur of the year Canada program 2018

Lys Diversity Grand Hommage - Personality 2016

Recognition from the Canadian Parliament 2013

Recognition from the Canadian Senat 2013


PROFESSION HEALTH is scheduled to be launched in September 2018 simultaneously with a research project co-funded with the Canadian Government to understand the "Happiness/Depression" factors inflicting dentists throughout their career. The phase ONE of the research will be lead by Dr. Robert Durand of University of Montreal.    


Changing the world from a dental chair

This book was written to answer EY Entrepreneur of the Year selection committee's questions. Order your copy today!

Stubbornness can be a quality in the
shoes of an entrepreneur.
— Dr. Bak Nguyen

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